Dr Evermor’s sculpture park

While planning a visit to the John Michael Kohler Art Preserve in Sheboygan Wisconsin I noticed a couple of interesting metal sculptures in their collection… After a bit more research into the artist I was hooked and knew we had to see more of his work. Tom Every, AKA Dr Evermor, had a business in industrial demolition and salvage which apparently lead to his developing an appreciation for the aesthetic qualities of early industrial design. Thankfully this appreciation drove him to save many choice pieces which later in his life inspired his work as a scrap metal sculptor. Interestingly he developed a philosophy and techniques for using the components in something close to their original state, but combined in new ways: a means of honoring the work of those who had gone before while creating something entirely new. His demolition customers doubtless sought to establish something new but Every saw something old that should be cherished. Sadly he passed away prior to our being able to visit his sculpture park, but the work remains as a vigorous statement by a very unique and talented person.

Another Wisconsin gem, the park is located on Highway 12 between Baraboo and Sauk City, and adjacent to the site of the Badger Army Ammunition Plant which was once the world’s largest ammunition plant. Located behind Delaney’s Surplus, the park does not have its own street address, but the GPS coordinates are: 43.363713, -89.770836

To get a better sense of who Tom Every was and the context of this work, Tom Kupsh’s book “A Mythic Obsession: The World of Dr Evermor” is an excellent read. We got our copy from Lady Eleanor when we visited—wish I’d read it in advance though as now we have to go back to see with new eyes many of the details we overlooked!