Fahnoe Technology Consulting

Since 1982, specializing in the design, implementation, and operation of information technology infrastructure with a particular focus on highly available systems.

Primary roles and responsibilities:

  • Consulting and mentoring
  • Technology troubleshooting
  • Infrastructure architecture
  • System and network administration

Primary areas of technology expertise:

  • Linux / UNIX systems
  • OpenVMS systems
  • DNS and DHCP services
  • NetBackup services

In a nutshell: When downtime is not an option.

While this is an outline of my professional mission, the rest of this site is devoted to my adventures in metalwork along with a few other things that I find intriguing. Making things is both fundamental to being human and provides a little background for my creative pursuits.

For information, contact Larry Fahnoe: fahnoe@FahnoeTech.com