Making things

I’ve been making things all of my life: battleships from old cardboard boxes as a child; software and systems as a professional; photographs, knives and sculptures as an adult. Most of my life I’ve dreamed and schemed to acquire tools. My first toolbox was tiny and sparse, dwarfed by comparison with Mom’s which was chock full of the things she used to maintain our home and car. High school exposed me to a machine shop and a wonderful teacher (thanks Jim Koutsoures!) as well as to other industrial arts. Computers got the better of me though and I’ve spent my career in the digital realm.

A chance visit to eBay awakened the old dream: I spotted an auction of a small metal lathe which was nearby and was first astonished that a lathe would be on eBay (oh, little did I know…), then curious. Well I didn’t get that lathe, but some years and thousands of pounds of old iron later, I finally have the small shop that has been a dream since childhood. Actually it is more than just a small shop, it has been a labor of love and I am profoundly grateful for my wife’s incredible support and understanding. As an artist, she truly understands the need to create in the physical realm.